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The Best Free Web Space
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Star Level
1.5GB per Month
Easy builders; web-based FTP; free templates; free subdomain; affiliate program pays you $1 for each new active member you refer; many, many free tools for webmasters. Comments
350MB - Unlimited
10GB per Month - Unlimited
Free online file storage & photo album also; no ads on your site; FTP uploader ActiveX control; ASP 3.0; SSI (server side include); free image, audio & video hosting; MS Access database; online control panel; file uploader tool; ZIP archive compression & decompression for faster download & upload; get unlimited disk space & bandwidth using their referral program. Comments
5GB per Month
No forced ads; PHP and PERL supported; powerful control panel; multiple websites; 1 MySQL database & PHPMyAdmin; 5 POP3 & IMAP email accounts with webmail; real FTP access & file manager; 5 free subdomains; SSI; 500KB single file size limit; steady. Comments
(Closed in December, 2008)
10GB per Month
No ads on your site; no forum posting required; they backup your data on a nightly basis; able to host your own domain name; PHP & MySql with 10 databases; control panel; FTP access. Comments
(Closed in May, 2009)
10GB per Month
20MB file size limit; a fast, friendly tech support team; easy to use Pagebuilder/HTML editor; FTP or browser-based file manager; fast & 99.9% uptime on Dual Xeon servers; instant activation; clean text ads; free subdomain. Comments
15GB per Month
Fantastico type script installer; free subdomain; bottom banner ads; PHP supported & PHPMyAdmin; 3 MySQL database; control panel; real FTP access & file manager. Comments
6GB per Month
3 MySQL database; free subdomain; 5 extra subdomains & 5 addon domains allowed; bottom banner ads; PHP supported & PHPMyAdmin; control panel; real FTP access & file manager; choose from many free domain names. Comments
(Closed in July, 2010)
3GB per Month
Free subdomain; no forced ads; PHP supported & PHPMyAdmin; 1 MySQL database; control panel; real FTP access & file manager; 1-click install forum; page builder / HTML editor; 20MB single file size limit; file types restricted. Comments
Google Sites
(Previously Google Pages)
Build high-quality web pages without having to learn HTML or use complex software; edit your pages right in your browser, seeing exactly how your finished product will look every step along the way; no forced ads; free subdomain; site-level navigation; site-level headers; control over who can see & edit your site; rich embeddings like calendars, videos & Google docs. Comments
(Closed in February, 2007)
No banner or popup advertisements; EZ Web page builder; free subdomain; FTP access, PHP & MySQL upon request. Comments
Several plans to choose; "SMART AD" system ; full FTP access with FXP support; PHP supported; SSI supported; web-based file manager; free subdomain; 10MB single file size limit. Comments
10GB per Month
No forced ads; php, perl and python supported; MySQL and DirectAdmin web hosting; free subdomain; you need at least 5 quality posts on their forums before requesting a completely free web hosting account; being active on their forums afterwards is also required. Comments
3GB per Month
1 domain hosted; small banner ad; PHP, Perl/CGI-BIN; 1 MySQL database; 5MB MySQL space; FTP Access; POP3/IMAP e-mail (no SMTP); 24/7 technical support; control panel; file manager; 5 subdomains; SSI supported. Comments
(No Longer Free)
5GB per Month
Top banner ads; PHP and PERL supported; powerful control panel & statistics; 1 MySQL database & PHPMyAdmin; 5 pop3 email accounts with webmail; real FTP access and file manager; free subdomain. Comments
Free Business Hosting
(Changed to Free Blog Hosting in November, 2007)
1GB per Month
Free sub-domain; no pop-ups; PHP allowed; FTP Access; control panel; file manager. Comments
The fast way to create webpages; very easy to use; great for beginners; make your own webpage for any purpose in just minutes. Comments
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