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(Closed in June, 2008)
Online Desktop
Free 1GB online file storage also; actual remote Linux system with KDE; browse the web anonymously & download files direct to your CosmoPOD hard drive; email client; online office suite; instant messenger; over 50 applications. Comments
Online Music Locker
Backup, sync and listen to your digital music collection online with free 2GB online storage space; store music files up to 10MB each; listen directly through Winamp, iTunes, etc; plays music on non-PC devices; sync music to three of your computers; sync 10 music playlists; backup all popular formats (MP3, WMA, iTunes, etc). Comments
Desktop On Demand
(No Longer Free in March, 2008)
Online Desktop
Free 1GB online file storage also; actual remote Linux system with GNOME; browse the web anonymously & download files direct to your DOD hard drive; a full featured POP/IMAP email client; Microsoft Office™ compatible word processor & spreadsheet software; one click file & folder encryption; multi-protocol instant message system; photo composition, image rendering, editing & more; password manager; a powerful desktop search utility; a file download manager. Comments
Online Community & File Sharing
Free 7GB online file sharing space; ad free; create personal timelines; view earth locations via Yahoo satellite maps; space cast to the stars through free teleport satellite service; preview your document & media files. Comments
Free Money
Based upon the number of paid e-mails you read, in combination with the number of referrals you introduce into this completely free program, you earn shares in the company. Then it distributes, monthly, 45% of the total advertising revenue taken in, from advertisers, among all of the shareholders. Also, they place another 45% of the revenue into long term projects which they use to distribute periodic random profits to the shareholders. You will even get a $10.00 sign up bonus, free downloads, and a contract assuring you of ownership. Comments
Free Software
Freeware that sets new standards for 3D accelerated browsing & management of your photo & video collection; get the full power for your GPU; display photos by the date taken and EXIF values (e.g. type of camera) as well as sorted by category & album; integrated EXIF editor. Comments
Free Software
NCH Software offers two completely free ftp software applications suitable for ftp uploading. Each program has been specifically designed to suit various uploading tasks. One of them (Classic FTP) also runs on Mac OS X. Browse their website for the Computer Utilities/Other Utilities/FTP Client section. Comments
Atlantis Computing
(Previously theWebTop, Closed in January, 2008)
Online Desktop
Free 2GB online file storage also; on demand service that provides rich full fledged applications, such as OpenOffice, Gimp (Excellent Photoshop alternative), Xara ( llustration/vector art), Scribus (page layout/publishing), Evolution (Calendaring /Email), etc, all via a web browser; neat collaboration features for sharing files and applications with your buddies. Comments
Free Money
No minimum payout on e-gold ($0.01); auto payout; get paid to read; get paid to click; get paid to signup; get paid to promote $0.80 per 1,000 credits; 5 referral levels [5% / 4% / 3% / 2% / 1%]. Payout Verified Comments
Online Office
Free online word processor with collaboration features; free online spreadsheet application; free online presentation tool to create, edit, publish & show presentations; wiki with WYSIWYG editor, group concept, versions, sub-pages, draggable sitemap etc; much more. Comments
Online Office
Create Microsoft Office compatible word processing, spreadsheet & presentation files; complete your work with images, graphs, charts & input from others; free 1GB online file storage with 10MB single file size limit; public sharing. Comments
Online Image Editor & Photo Gallery
Free 2GB online photo gallery; edit images uploaded or on Facebook, Photobucket & Google Picasa; blog or website embedding of photo albums; public & private sharing. Comments
Online Desktop (moved to the best free cloud desktop section)
Kodak EasyShare
Online Photo Albums
Kodak EasyShare Gallery, formerly known as Ofoto, is the leading online digital photo developing service. The site provides consumers with a secure and easy way to view, store and share their photos with friends and family and get real Kodak prints of their pictures. Free registration; also provides free editing and creative tools and specialty photo products. Comments
Online Document Storage & Sharing
Free unlimited online storage for all major document & image formats; publish to a wide audience; embed your docs anywhere on the web; easily convert between different document formats. Comments
(No Longer Free in May, 2009)
Online Media Center & Webtop
Free 3GB online media center where you can put all your media files on the Internet - access them from anywhere & play them everywhere; play all your media with Wixi Universal Flash Player: your music, photos & videos will be converted to be streamable on the Web; a unique way to share & interact with your friends, and also discover new content online. Comments
Online Office
Use their online editor to format documents, spell-check and more; upload Word documents, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or text; download documents to your desktop as Word, PDF and more; view your documents' revision history and roll back to any version; invite others to share your documents by e-mail address; edit documents online with whomever you choose; publish documents online to the world, or to just who you choose; post your documents to your blog. Comments
ClickThru HotSpot!
Free Stuff
Free webmaster tools also. ClickThru lets you earn play money called ClickThru Cash. Use it to buy real stuff without spending real money! Plus, win up to $1,000 instantly for clicking a HotSpot! When people that you refer directly surf ClickThru you get a 10% commission on all the ClickThru Cash they earn surfing, plus 1% on their referrals (indirect referrals). Comments
Online Office
AjaxWrite, a web-based word processor that can read & write Microsoft Word & other standard document formats; ajaxSketch, a web-based drawing tool that provides a familiar environment for diagramming, creating flow charts, free hand drawing & more; ajaxXLS Viewer, a web-based spreadsheet viewer that can open any .xls file; ajaxPresents, a web-based presentation editor that can read, edit & save Microsoft Power Point files (.ppt) as well as Open Standard Presentation files (.odp); integrated with free online file storage; requires Firefox 1.5+ web browser. Comments
Free Money & Rewards
Free registration; offers each new member a £3 Bonus incentive; refer a friend and earn £3; get instant free cash signing up onto a merchant's program; immediately earn instant cash back whenever you shop online for any particular goods of your preferred brands. Comments
Online Desktop & Free Blogs (moved to the best free cloud desktop section)
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